During SSWC this weekend we got to test an iZettle. iZettle is a chipreader and an application you can use to accept payments and make withdrawals through your phone. So what you need to use it is an iPhone, an iZettle and a chip-card. The device and the iPhone app doesn´t cost anything and there are no monthly fees. This is a truly amazing thing for small business owners who sell stuff and it will be awesome if they start using this is restaurants aswell. No to mention being at a restaurant with your friends and wanting to split the check. Now one can pay for all and then the rest can just use iZettle to make their payments to the friend who paid for everyone.

When my friend Johanna tried the iZettle this weekend she withdrew 100 SEK wich is possible if you have cash on you. So now you can be a wandering ATM. Right now iZettle is only released in Sweden and for beta-testers only, but I look forward when it´s properly released and I can get my hands on one! If you want to know more about how it works you can watch the video below.


YouTube Preview Image


2 comments to iZettle.

  • Love the idea and we spoke so much about it that’s actually great to test hands on. Still wondering tho, what’s up with the “i” thing? Couldn’t just call it Zettle and leave the rest to Apple?

  • regina

    Yeah, It´s quite amazing! Hmm, dunno. Maybe they want to brand it like that because it only works with Apple products?

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